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Custom Display Design and Universal Displays™

The superior choice for introducing new products on-time and within budget.

With no cutting dies to purchase and no design time to schedule, you can achieve quick market placement with the least amount of dollar investment.

When you choose Universal Displays, you have chosen the most economical and fastest means to showcase your product to the retail consumer and impulse buyer. Select from over 150 innovative designs for nearly every marketing strategy!

Counter Displays

Counter Displays are found in almost every retail environment and are essential for smaller product placement.

Floorstand Displays

Floorstand Displays are the most widely used displays giving high visibility to new product lines, seasonal marketing or specific sale promotions.

Cell Merchandisers

Cell Merchandisers are the best choice for sending product loaded displays to retail for quick and easy setup.

From Shelves To Sales

Don't let your product get lost on today's busy shelves. Heighten visibility and excel above the competition with Point-of-Purchase Displays from Display International.

You know product marketing demands constant product exposure, and how better
to capture your market share and consumer interest than by eye-catching and
attention grabbing free-standing displays. Maximize consumer awareness
with the addition of solid color and stunning graphics.

At Display International our goal is your final sales!

Contact us today and let us know how we can assist you in your display decisions.

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